Hommie has a British twin!

From this day Hommie has a british twin "brother"! From now on Hommie will be written in English too and you can easily change language by just clicking on the greek flag on the right side of the blog. And the best I can post to celebrate this new beginning is a tribute to the british flag and its role in decoration!

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British flag or Union Jack, as it is generally known, was first created on 1606 and the last few years it was used by home and fashion designers for their projects and products. Its unique classic shape is decorating the surface of cushions and lamps to sofas and rugs!

(via The World According to Isa)
(via The World According to Isa)
(via The World According to Isa)
(via Fabricadabra's Blog)

I really liked the Vivienne Westwood's rug for Rug Company, the union jack chair for Jane Hornsby, the lucite lamp from SITE in NY, the Rockett St George hand painted sofa and the leather sofa from Andrew Martin.

(all above images via Fabricadabra's Blog)
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I love Smeg refrigerators and they are even better with the Union Jack on them!

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(all the above pictures via A blonde and a brunette)
And last but not least here is a picture of a classic Mini Cooper "dressed" with a british flag! Simply Gorgeous!

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