House Renovation in Lithuania

The second renovation that grabbed my attention was the one of an old house in Pavilniai Regional Park, near Vilnius, Lithuania's capital. When this family bought the site there was an old yellow-painted house built of locally made valuable bricks.

This 'yellow' house was too small for the four-member family. So the owners with the architectural firm G. Natkevicius & Partners decided to keep the house and built their new home around it, covering it with a very modern glass construction. The yellow plaster was gone and the brick walls revealed. The exposed brick softens the potentially cold atmosphere of the glass structure.

They also added a curved staircase that works beautifully with the square style of both the old and the new building. The owners library is in the basement of the old brick house, the kids' rooms are on the ground floor and the master bedroom on the top floor. The kitchen, dining, living, bathrooms and garage are all within the new glass structure. The best part of this renovation, apart of the fact that they respected the historic value of this house, is that the owners enjoy a 360-degree view of the park but their private areas are 'hidden' in the old building at the same time.

(via The Cool Hunter)

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