From Poland with Love!

Cosy and beautifully decorated houses can be everywhere, even in the most remote little village! So today we'll see this house located not in NY, Berlin, London or some other cosmopolitan capital but in a small town in Poland! The owners are the illustrator Joanna "Asia" Swis, her husband Seba and their beloved pets!

You can feel all this Scandinavia-inspired style with the white and row wood to be the guest of honor! Notable in this house are:
  • The staircase that suddenly "stops" and continuous by a step stool.
  • The black tiles in the bathroom! So classy!
  • The simplicity of the kitchen, which at first I thought it was the kitchen, with the large silver mirror and the pendant fixtures.
  • The owners artwork that decorate the whole house!
  • The Japanese-style "slippers" in the bathroom!
  • and finally the white-painted Viennese chair with wooden legs that I made a few months ago and I'd written how hip is this kind of furniture painting-decorating-refurbishing!

(via decor8)

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