Hommie visits: De Bakkerswinkel in Amsterdam

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Hommie grows up and expands! It has already celebrated its first year and I am really proud of it! From now on we will have a new 'column' called  Hommie visits and it will have posts of houses, shops, restaurants and other creatively interesting spaces to photograph and show them to you. So, the first Hommie visits travels you to the amazing Amsterdam, to the take-away cafe De Bakkerswinkel!

I've just found these photos that I took during my trip there last February. They're about a very cute cafe, in the centre of Amsterdam, where I used to have my coffee. The whole place smells so delicious from the handmade croissants, pastries and cakes. All the interior and furniture is designed and custom made by Piet Hein Eek, the Deutsch designer known for his Scrapwood Wallpaper and his handmade furniture from scrap wood. The big counter made of scrap wood is just amazing! So if you go to Amsterdam, stop and have a hot cup of coffee in the De Bakkerswinkel!

Photos by Petros P.

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