Rural Shabby Chic

Since February says goodbye in a while and Spring is almost here, I guess you will start the short gateways to your cottages and countryside. And in order your stay there have some style I found this wonderful house in Provence, of Southern France, to show you and get some inspiration!

The owner of this renovated abandoned house is the British antiques dealer, Josephine Ryan, who decorated it with beautiful stuff from her shop. This style is considered as 'rural shabby chic'. The term (and style) started in Great Britain during the 1980s and describes cottage-style interiors with characteristic white or raw natural wood patinated furniture and often with a feminine feel. The owner describes it as 'a mix of modern, rusty and extravagant'. My favourite parts of this house are the minimal kitchen with the custom-made cupboards, the rusty blue bathtub in the total-white stone bathroom and the courtyard! Enjoy my friends!

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