Loft beauty

Loft! Loft! Loft! If I would like to describe my future dream-home with a word it would be LOFT! Old warehouses and factories turned into unique cosy, bright, industrial homes! While I was searching lofts for some inspiration I came across the wonderful 3,500-square-feet Bridge Loft in Brooklyn! Its not a real home, in terms of someone living in it, but it is rented as a studio for tv and film productions.

It's situated on the top floor of Henry Jallade's 1904 masterpiece of industrial architecture. Its large arched windows, and also its rooftop, offer spectacular view over the Manhattan Bridge and the NY skyline. To be honest this particular decoration is not my cup of tea but I fell in love with the space and the building itself! I think the kitchen, bathroom and the vintage wooden barn-type doors are the 'strong' elements of the loft.

Read more about the Bridge Loft here.

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  1. I prefer the lofts wich are less "Industrial & Dirty". My condo in Montreal match with my aspirations