A pencil factory restoration

How cool would it be living in an abandoned pencil factory? Well, you can get a good idea by snooping around this light and airy apartment, and an ex-pencil factory named Viking, in central Copenhagen, home of Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer at Vipp (this great black stainless steel kitchen is from his company). 

The open-floor plan works beautifully for this young family of four. They've successfully created separate spaces through the use of furniture, panels and sliding doors, all giving the home an industrial feel. Every room is minimally decorated with a neutral palette and plenty of personal style - like the artwork made by Morten with 195 No. 2 Viking pencils to celebrate the building's previous life. Chair, Chair One by Magis, is placed in front of the pencil artwork and it's more a sculpture rather than a chair (last image). One of my favourite features of the home is the way they store the logs for the fire, it's clean, simple yet adding lots of character to the living room.

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