Hommie *Before + After* Madonna statuette décor item

The past few weeks I was thinking of how I could reuse this statuette of the Virgin Mary that we had hidden with other souvenirs in our living's cabinet. I support the idea of recycling and not throwing away things that can be used creatively again. So the most simple and economical way to refresh an item is to repaint it!

My inspiration was a picture of a life-size statue of Madonna in a gallery, painted in neon yellow. So I was thinking of two things that I wanted: monochrome and pale modern colour. Spray paint is the easiest solution and I found this pale turquoise colour that was exactly what I had in mind.

I think the rest of the process is needless to be mentioned!
*Cover with old newspapers your workplace to prevent painting the souroundings
*Spray it
*Allow to dry completely for 24 hours.
*Decorate it
And if you get bored of that colour after a while, just pick another one and repeat the previous steps!

photos © Petros P.

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