'Eyescream & Friends' ice cream monsters

Eyescream and Friends is an ice cream shop in Barcelona, Spain, that brings more than just ice cream to its customers, it brings them a unique eating experience. Studio m-m Barcelona took over everything; from the initial strategy, graphic design and marketing materials to the store interior, industrial design and packaging. Owners, Joad López and Federico Mendoza, had the idea of selling a very unique ice cream: a shaved ice cream imported from Taiwan whose texture is something between sorbet and ice cream. The problem was that this ice cream is not very attractive, but rather ugly: 'an amorphous mass of ice cream with lots of sauces and toppings falling above and the sides. The ice cream was so so ugly ... we decided to make a virtue of it by creating a creative strategy around this.', designers note. 

They started a "deconstruction", separating the ice cream and its toppings. Then two sugar eyes were put on the top of this ice cream mountain, making it a character-monster treat that stares back at you. Each ice cream container is served on a very stylish cardboard kind-of-tray with two smaller containers for toppings and a wooden spoon. Studio m-m Barcelona designed a minimalistic monster with cartoonish wide eyes for each flavour.The bottled water served in the store, Tears of Joy, was also designed just for Eyescream and Friends. Love the minimal b&w interiors combined with the osb-wooden crate-like self-service counters and their sign that is part of the door and has the ability to break down into two signs when the shop is open; one for external identity and another, when opened, works as informative product menu.

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