New Year's Resolutions printable cards

Happy New Year guys! After all the new-year's-first-day festive madness - the celebrations, the crazy dances, the family dinners, the presents exchange, the hugs, the kisses, the wishes - it's time to set some goals and make some personal promises!
It's time for the New Year's Resolutions!
Every first of January I write my resolutions on a piece of paper, fold it and keep it in an old box with photographs and greeting cards. Next year, I get this paper and read my resolutions checking whether I accomplished them or not! I absolutely love this personal tradition, as it makes me focus on myself and try every year to grow into the man I want to become.
This year I wanted to make something fancier. So I designed a double sided printable New-Year's-Resolutions card which can be framed in a RIBBA frame by IKEA. One side has a 'resolutions' illustration (four versions to choose; read the instructions below) and on the other side you can write and hide your resolutions, thoughts, wishes and promises. Easy, right?!


1. Download the .pdf file by clicking the image below.
2. Choose the front side you like (white background with black letters/black background with white letters/white background with gold letters/black background with gold letters) and print it on white A4 cardstock. Plain printer paper works as well, but cardstock is thicker and more delicate. Print the back of the card on the other side of the cardstock/paper.
3. Cut the dotted lines.
4. Write the current year and your resolutions (I left five blank spaces to fill them, but there is plenty of space below to add some more if you wish.)
5. Frame your card in an ikea's RIBBA frame. Note that the card's height fits exactly; not the length.
6. Put the frame on your wall or wherever you want.
7. Unframe it in 365 days!

I wish you all the best and may 2015 bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations on your life! Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness!



  1. Wow!! Τέλειο είναι!! Τύπωσα το δικό μου (λευκό με μαύρα γράμματα) !! Thnx!!!

  2. Wow! This is amazing. Happy New Year

  3. Wow! This is amazing. Happy New Year

  4. Great, thank you - what font did you use for the 'Resolutions' text?