An apartment full of hidden Surprises!

We all imagine of having a big comfortable home but architect Barbara Appolloni proved that even x-small spaces do 'have souls'! This 22-sq-metre-studio is located in the centre of Barcelona and its owner wanted a home that could combine the space-saving furniture aboard boats and the clean lines of a small Japanese house.

The concept of this house is really simple! You open something and it appears a furniture or a household appliance! For space-saving most of the actual 'house' is hidden in the walls and the floor and can be displayed according to the needs of the owner! The only visible features of this studio are the glass shower and the sink.

Actually I think, even it's too small, it looks very comfortable and cosy! Also, it'll be awesome to sit in the outdoor tub on the roof during the hot summer days!

I found also a video of the house! It's really interesting and you'll understand how the whole concept of this studio works!

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