'Le Briccole di Venezia' Collection by Riva 1920

In honor of 90th Anniversary of Italian company Riva 1920, 22 designers were invited to work with 'Le Briccole di Venezia'. The Briccole of Venice are the wooden oak poles sunk into the seabed to provide navigation information to boats along the lagoon. These poles stay there for about 5 to 10 years until their replacement. Riva 1920 took some briccole and with the 22 designers transformed them into sculptures, libraries, stools, tables, furniture and art pieces!

Because briccole are exposed to microorganisms in the marina fauna and flora, makes them have this natural patina and texture that inspired the company to start this project!

To learn more about this project visit its site here! Below are some images showing the briccole coming out of the sea!

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