French beauty

The owner of this recently renovated house of 19th century is the jewellery designer of the brand  Merecine, Sandrine Zigler-Munck. The main colours are pure white and black with hints of bright colours (yellow, magenta) that give a fresh and modern character to the house in contrast to the classic old wooden floors, moldings and all these decorating features of such an old home that add a vintage aesthetic.

I really liked the wallpaper with this painted victorian decoration and the painted keyword phrases on the stairs. Also I found extremely original the painting-wallpaper with the edited impressionist piece of art. I tried very hard to find either the classic painting (I thought it was Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party but I was wrong) or the contemporary artist who edit it. Anyway, I have noted it in my small sketchbook of ideas for future use!

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