New Urban Theme Parks in Thessaloniki, Greece

There are a lot of interesting things happening in the beloved Greece's city, Thessaloniki. In a period where everyone is frustrated grumbling about the economic crisis, the revitalisation of the waterfront of Thessaloniki (known as Paralia) brings an optimistic feeling and message, that there are still people trying to improve Greece and its lifestyle! The revitalisation is about the part of the Thessaloniki' waterfront, from the Royal Theatre till the Sailing Club.

The revitalisation will include 8 new theme parks, the Sculptures' Garden, the Mediterranean Garden, the Garden of Odysseus Fokas, the Seasons' Garden, the Shadow's Garden, the Sand's Garden, the Garden of the Afternoon Sun and the Garden of Alexander the Great. All theme parks will be flanked by green spaces with 870 new trees, cafeterias, sports' courts, outdoor events' amphitheatres, water surfaces, playgrounds, an outdoor sculpture gallery and a bicycle lane.

The revitalisation of this side of the waterfront is the next part of the Nea Paralia's (New Waterfront) redevelopment (the area from Thessaloniki's Concert Hall till the Sailing Club), which was completed 2 years ago with the construction of 5 theme parks (the Music one, the Water one, the Memory one, the Roses one and the Sound one). The finished Nea Paralia's reconstruction work will cover 5.5 km and it will include 13 theme parks.

Well done Thessaloniki and to everyone who participate to this project! When there's more about this project I will inform you immediately!

Hommie loves Greece!
Hommie loves Thessaloniki!

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