Starbucks Container Store, Washington

The use of shipping containers in architecture is becoming a new trend all around the world. The reason is pretty obvious: more than 20 million are useless scattered around the planet, they are recyclable, transformable, adjustable, they are a cheap construction material and totally sustainable! Puma City, the contemporary Muvbox pop-up restaurant, Keetwonen student accommodation in Amsterdam, 2+Weekend House in Slovenia and Freitag store in Zurich are just a few examples of such structures. Starbucks brand is here to impress us with the new drive-through Container Store in Tukwila, Washington!

Four large containers were used in the construction of this store. These containers belong to the company itself for the transportation of raw materials in stores around the world and they have reached their average 20 year lifespan. The architect Tony Gale III designed this very interesting mini industrial building. Personally, I think the store looks great, both inside and out! And who knows, we might see more Starbucks stores like this in the world! Long live the recycling!

(via weheart, chuck num)

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