At Magnus Reed's Home/Studio

Today, while I was looking around the net to find something interesting, I came across this picture, the one you see below. And I thought I should definitely need to know in which house this incredible floor and pendant, in the background, are! So I did my research and I found out that this house is located in Berlin and belongs to the famous British photographer Magnus Reed!

He now lives with his daughter in this mind-blowing 500sqm flat in Schöneberg, which uses as a live and working space. The decoration is very reduced, but the atmosphere is just perfect, that one feels at home immediately and has a hard time leaving again.

So, what inspiring elements we keep from this house:
  • The beautiful herringbone-type floor with the even more wonderful compass design on it at the entrance!
  • The cubic pendants, I guess they are Alessandro Mendini's Artemide Lights (at least they seem to be!)
  • The old safe box in the kitchen! I wonder what's inside!
  • The speakers and the whole audio equipment on this diy wooden base with wheels, for extravagant parties!
  • The vintage tiles and the tub in the bathroom and
  • The photographs and artwork spread on walls and floor that give the feeling of a mini gallery!
(via Freunde Von Freuden)

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