A shipping warehouse-like hotel

The architectural firm Stephen Williams Associates has just completed the interior designing of 25Hours HafenCity  in Hamburg, Germany. It's part of the HafenCity project, the largest development building project in Europe in the 21st century, aiming the creation of a new urban environment in Hamburg's old harbour. The decoration is inspired by the rich maritime history in the area. It features 170 suites, rooftop gym/sauna, restaurant, bar, art gallery, private wharf and a conference room.

The ground floor, with the discrete lobby made of wooden crates, restaurant, bar and shop are the central point of the hotel, a comfortable contemporary harbour miniature. Furniture, chosen by Conni Kotte, has the patina of years which makes it seem as this industrial space has been there for ever. The main lounge is similar to an import-export warehouse as the basic 'products' are the people coming in and going constantly.  Somewhere in the common rooms I recognized the famous Mark van der Gronden's Crates Cabinet, a steel cabinet with plastic crates.

Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg’s well known shipping company kindly donated a shipping container which forms the hotel's conference room. The entrance of this room is one of the container's wall, which hoisted up to the ceiling.

With the slogan 'Every seafarer longs for home' was created the hotel's restaurant, named HEIMAT Küche + Bar, in German heimat means home! Warehouse shelves, rough wooden boxes, floor markings, stacks of oriental carpets and an eclectic range of maritime finds are not decorative but usable storage space for this multifunctional room.

Visitors can relax in their cabin-like rooms. Conventional furniture replaced with built-in elements and a ‘travel trunk’ providing the visitor with all that they will require: information, log book, drinks, working space with writing instruments and electrical connections. Walls are covered with Jindrich Novotny's illustrated sailors, ships, anchors, fishes and vintage... prostitutes!

A boxing bag and sit-ups wooden seats are the equipment inn the rooftop gym/sauna built within a rusty container with panoramic views over the industrial harbour

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