HommieDIY: 3-minute decoration idea

I had bought a handmade silk-screen poster from an artist in England and it was time to finally get its place into my house. It's one of these days that you definitely want to do what you have in mind and in my mind was to hang my Amy-Winehouse-poster on my wall. I had the poster, I had the empty space on the wall but I didn't have any frame in that size. On the other hand, I decided that I didn't want to frame it so I started thinking for an alternative and more contemporary way to hang it. And somehow out of the blue the hanger caught my eye!

This hanger is for trousers which means that it have clips and I could easily 'catch' the poster without leaving marks on the paper. Also, the hanger's hook gave me the chance to hang from a nail like any frame. So simple! My favourite Amy Winehouse's poster was decorated with a temporary modern way, easily, quickly and without spending a quid for an even cheap IKEA frame. I think I might leave it this way for a long time 'cause I really like it! I'm expecting feedback and also to try it and send me pictures!

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