Greek summer living on Antiparos island

Just a few things are needed in a summer house. Simplicity and a relaxed atmosphere to satisfy the needs of its residents for holidays and relaxation. This home in Antiparos island offers the above and it combines the traditional with the modern lifestyle, the pure white with the turquoise. Architect Katerina Vordoni, from the architectural firm Vois, designed this 60 sq.m. 'U'-shaped summer house.

According to the owners: 'Rooms communicate effectively externally. One room has its own bathroom, but does not have access to the kitchen and another is in contact with the kitchen, but has only externally access to the bathroom. Generally, we come and go, walking around the central courtyard, sometimes resting under the shade of the olive tree'. And suddenly the space grows, the interior communicates with the exterior, everyone is welcome and this house creates a refreshing summer feeling.

| spotted on the style files | via tovima |

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