A Viennese home

Today, our inspirational home is in Vienna and belongs to Verena Stummer, Art Director at Screenagers and owner of the small cooking brand "Schön und gut", in Vienna, Austria. I was really impressed by this apartment because, after so many homes I've seen, this one seems so beautifully neat and freshly designed with plenty of its owner's personal style.

The decoration is inspired by flowers, vintage finds and food, as Verena mentions in her mini interview at decor8 blog. I was thrilled with the splash of neon-watermelon-red that separates the living room and the hallway. I also like the quote on the wall, among the hanging frames and plates.
"the problem with doing everything is that you have no time for doing nothing."
Genius! I's seriously thinking of writing this on my wall too cause it describes my life now! Have fun!

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