New Year's Resolutions

The final day of 2013! 2014 is just a few hours away and every year, these specific last hours of every year, I am thinking the exact same thing; the hundreds of moments of memories I have from the past twelve months. And I always end up that time is never enough. And I wanted to live more. And have more. This year was a crazy one though; in every possible aspect of my life. It was full of new experiences, new people, new friends, beginnings, conclusions, joy, bit of fame, excitement, a wedding (not my wedding!), more joy, life-lessons, anxiety, work, work and work. These are a couple of words that would probably describe my 2013! The only thing that I'm really happy of is that this year I enjoyed every little second of my free time with my family. It's something that I really missed while I was studying abroad the past four years. That time, away from my family, made me realize and appreciate the fact that they are one of the most important things in my world and my greatest support. We are a great team!

So it's time to write down my 2014 resolutions. Not just promises to myself, but things that I actually want to do and hope to do in the next 365 days.
  • I want to be present more often at Hommie. I'm actually in love with this blog (name a blogger who isn't in love with his/her blog, anyway) but the last couple of months I wasn't really into blogging around. The reason is that I started something that I really really really wanted. Its name is PTRSdesign CO. (I guess some of you have noticed the crossed-arrows logo on the right of the blog). It's my very own personal project and as I like to call it; my 'designing company'. It has to do with drawings, illustrations and ideas and the exploration of the various forms that they can be imprinted. 
  • I want to make Hommie better-looking and more personal. I want to present you myself. Share with you not only amazing houses and places (or at least houses and places that I find amazing) but also personal thoughts and projects.
  • I want to be more crafty. I really like making things with my hands. This summer I started transforming my mother's sewing room. It was a gift I wanted to give her. I'm making it the last few months all by myself. I sanded the old wooden floor, I painted, I painted more, I gave life to old furniture and I'm still decorating it till its time to share it with the world. I also have hundreds of diy ideas that I want to make - Thank God Pinterest!
  • I want to find new, stylish, absolutely amazing places to photograph and post their stories at the Hommie visits: section. I already have two stories waiting to complete.
  • I want to conquer the world! (metaphorically!)
Here in Greece, according to our tradition, Santa Claus, with his presents(!), comes on the New Years Eve. So we are still in the Christmas-spirit mood. That's why I choose to end this year with a post full of beautiful festive images. Well, cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right!

// images' sources via my Pinterest board 'It's X-mas time'

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