HommieDIY coffee table

It's DIY time! I'm actually really happy 'cause I'm launching a new section in Hommie, the HommieDIY. I'll post some DIYstuff that I make and, according to my opinion, they are amazing! Today's post is about a handcrafted coffee table made from scrap materials. So, here's the story: My friend needed a new coffee table and I needed a reason to create something. That's what I call 'perfect timing'! I suggested I could make one that would be stylish, custom-made and cheap. I had a rough idea of a simple industrial-like design in my mind but I didn't know what to use as a table-top. So I discovered a pile of old scaffold's planks in our storage. It was just the perfect supply and - the most important - it was free. I took one of them, cut it in half, sanded it properly, stained it with pinkish-white wash and then assemble it together with the base. The base is a simple construction from iron plumbing pipes. I screwed the pipes together and then I painted them white, as my friend requested. I'm really proud of it and I think it fits well in this cosy-modern-feminine house.

all photos © P. Petrozelis for hommieuk.blogspot.com
What do you think? I'd love to read your feedback!

-- Unfortunately, I don't have any decent process photos as I was working late at nights without proper lighting. --

// the mountain-shaped cushion and the black throw are from PTRSdesign CO. // the small crochet basket and the crochet coasters are from Sueños


  1. βγαζει μια γλυκα αυτο το τραπεζακι. μ αρεσει πολυ το χρωμα που εβαψες τις σανιδες. υδροχρωμα ειναι?

    1. Είναι λευκό βερνίκι εμποτισμού με βάση το νερό. Το βρίσκεις σε μεγάλα καταστήματα ειδών σπιτιού και κατασκευών ή σε χρωματοπωλεία. Αν παρ'όλα αυτά το ξανάφτιαχνα σήμερα θα το περνούσα με πολύ αραιωμένο λευκό πλαστικό χρώμα (δηλαδή 1 μέρος μπογιάς + 6-7 μέρη νερό). Θα έκανε την ίδια δουλειά!

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