Iconic Cafe by Studio Vural

I love coffee; I can actually call myself a coffeeholic. I also love small beautifully designed coffee shops with character and a story to tell. Remember The Little Mule Cafe + Bike Store I posted last year? Yeap, this small gem in Melbourne is still in my heart. Anyway, today we have a beautiful small espresso bar in Soho, NY, by Studio Vural. Inspired by a picture of Indian gods Krishna and Radha the design team found at the demolition site, the Iconic Cafe is a contemporary reflection of their timeless love story. 'The design is a well calibrated blend of modern geometry, exposed century-old wood joists, wax finished white oak panelling and amazing Mexican tiles, that will take you to a multi-cultural consciousness in your digitized coffee break.', the Studio Vural comments. I found really clever the plan/section/detail perspective drawing that explains much about the main design idea and decoration elements.

If you're also fan of cool coffee bars check my favourite ones in Athens at the Hommie visits: section. Qahwa, Mind the Cup and Tailor Made. Mind the Cup was featured in a BuzzFeed's post as one of the 25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have To See Before You Die.

//spotted on Archinect // images via Studio Vural